BoxBolt - Features, Advantages, & Benefits

BoxBolt - Features, Advantages, & Benefits


BoxBolt is a fully tested and approved blind connection solution for connecting to hollow section steel or where access is restricted to one side only. The BoxBolt is suitable for use with rectangular, square and even circular hollow sections. The BoxBolt features a hexagon head design to aid installation with a standard wrench. It allows it to be installed with our unique BoxSokTM installation tool for when installation time needs to be kept to an absolute minimum.

The BoxBolt is available in three finishes; Zinc Plated for the less aggressive environments, Hot Dip Galvanized for the more aggressive environments, and Stainless Steel for the most demanding of applications. These finishes combined with three lengths of BoxBolt make it extremely flexible to suit its environment and application.

The BoxBolt is CE marked and approved for use by Lloyds Register (LR) type approval and the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) to give the specifier peace of mind.

Why use BoxBolt?

Feature Advantage Benefit
No Access to both sides of the connection required Connection can be made blind for connections into hollow section or where access is restricted No through bolting or strapping required reducing fabrication work
No need for close tolerance holes or tapping New holes can be drilled quickly on site if required Flexibility and reduced on site installation time
No special tools required - two spanners only No hire/purchase of specialist equipment or the need to move around heavy equipment Reduction in installation cost and administration
Installation by semi-skilled labour Connections can be made much quicker without special skills or equipment Reduction in labour and hire costs
Only Boxbolt head visible when installed Aesthetic connection Flexibility in Architectural design
CE marked and approved for use by Lloyds Register Type and DiBt approval Third party accreditation for use in tensile and frictional applications Confidence that the connection will perform as stated without site proof testing required
Exceptional Shear loading performance Less BoxBolts can be used to make shear connections Flexibility in design and possible cost reductions
AISC and Eurocode 3 Method for designing connections Provides a simple to follow design procedure that is the same as standard bolted connections Designers easily recognise the method and can save costs on competitive methods
BoxSok Rapid installation tool Unique installation tool for speeding up installation Reduction in on site labour costs