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Kee Safety Group Ltd

Kee Safety Group Ltd are the company behind the BeamClamp® and BoxBolt® range of Safe Fixing Solutions.  Kee Safety developed it's first casting in 1934 for its world renowned Kee Klamp®  range and since then has gone from strength to strength developing lots of different products and systems.  A full overview and history of the Kee Safety Group Ltd can be viewed on our corporate site.  See our company history and overview.

Safe Fixing Solutions

The Safe Fixing Solutions part of the Kee Safety Group business is divided into four main sectors as detailed below.

BeamClamp® - Steel to Steel Clamps

Our BeamClamp® range is a series of high strength clamps that are used for connecting steel to steel together without the need for on site drilling or welding.  The solutions can be used for both temparory or permenant connections and are commonly used to connect secondary steel to existing structures.  The systems provide many benefits over traditional methods including adjustablity and flexibility on site as they require no site power for installation.  In areas where hot work is either not allowed or creates a hazard that needs to be controlled then the time saving and safety advantages of our products are clear to see.

BoxBolt® - Blind Steel Fixings

Our BoxBolt® range is an expansion bolt for connecting into hollow section or where access is restricted to one side only.  The BoxBolt expands on the inside of the connection by tightening from the outside only and provides a guaranteed loading everytime as long as the recommended tighetening torque is applied.  The BoxBolt provides a neat connection and an alternative to traditonal methods such as drilling/tapping, welding, through bolting, strapping or cutting access holes.

Steel Floor - Grating and Plate Floor Fixings

Our specialist Floor Fasteners provide a solution for connecting steel flooring to the supporting steelwork without the need for drilling, welding or shot firing into the steel.  Our Gratefix and Grating Clip provide a solution for open steel flooring/Grating and our FloorFix and FloorFixHT provide a solution for chequer/durbar plate flooring.  These all allow the installation to be done from the top side only without the need for access to the underside, speeding up the installation dramatically without having to penetrate the supporting steel.

Building Services - Suspension Fixings

Our suspension fixings are used for hanging threaded bar from steel framed buildings or steel decking profiles without the need for on site drilling or welding of the structures.  These fixings provide a suspension element for Mechanical and Electrical equipment such as lighting, suspended ceilings and HVAC systems that do not penetrate the existing structures and can be easily adjusted and relocated where required.