Markets / Stadiums & Amphitheaters

Stadiums & Amphitheaters

Our products are used within steel structured stadiums and amphitheatres for a variety of applications to connect new steel to the existing structure or in some cases connect the main steel structure together.  Some of the applications of our products are listed below:

Our BeamClamp steel to steel clamping systems are used for:

  • Securing Tannoy systems 
  • Connecting rigging equipment for staging 
  • Securing Guard Railing
  • Connection of Grating for walkways
  • Connecting seating for permenant or temporary situations
  • Hanging pipework and duting for the building services
  • Connection of floodlight systems
  • Securing large structures for signs and advertising

Our BoxBolt blind fastening device can be used for all of the above situations when access to the back of a connection is limited or when using tube steel.  The main applications in this market though for our BoxBolt are:

  • Connecting main steel tube together
  • Connection of seating without acces to the underside of the supporting steel
  • Connection of guardrailing and ballustrades
  • Connection of glass facades