BoxSok Rapid Assembly Tool


The BoxSok Installation Tool is a rapid, unique assembly tool for the BoxBolt. This specially designed socket holds the hexagon shoulder on the body to stop rotating while allowing the inner socket to tighten up the core bolt. The core bolt draws the cone up inside the slotted body of the sleeve and expands the individual fins inside the connection. The BoxSok eliminates the need for two tools to install the BoxBolt; this considerably speeds up the installation process and also reduces the risk of trapping hands between two tools. The BoxSokTM device is available to suit all BoxBolt diameters.

Technical Specifications

Step 1: Align the holes in the bracket to be secured with the pre-drilled hole in the structural tube. Insert the BoxBolt through both pieces of steel until the underside of the shoulder is flush with the outside of the steel.

Step 2: Hold the hexagon shoulder of the BoxBolt with an open ended wrench. Use an impact wrench or ratchet to tighten the core bolt.

Step 3: Remove the open ended wrench and check to ensure that the core bolt is tightened to the recommended torque.