Markets / Petrochemical


Due to the hazardous environments within the Petrochemical industry BeamClamp and BoxBolt are ideal solutions for the connection of steel.  The BeamClamp system requires no on site drilling or welding and therefore no hot permit is required.  This means that no expensive fire watches are required during and after the connection has been made.  Simple hand tools and unskilled labor can make a BeamClamp connection, saving time and money on the installation.  In some enviroments drilling or welding is totally forbidden so clamping is the only alternative to make a steel to steel connection, our clamps are fully tested and guarantee a specific load value for each size and diameter.

Typical applications would include:

  • Connection of heavy duty pipe supports
  • Securing monorail systems
  • Securing steel flooring sections for walkways and platforms
  • Connection of blast walls
  • Securing frames together for helideck expansions.