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Building Services / Case Studies

BeamClamp and BoxBolt products can be used for the connection of both heavy and light duty building services. The products provide a strong but flexible connection meaning that if the building services need to re-routed this can be done easily without the need for expensive remedial work and no damage to the main structure. We feature products that are designed for securing strut products for general HVAC and cable tray supports but we can provide bespoke connection details for heavy duty pipe work or ventilation systems that need something more substantial.

Typical applications include:

Connection of cable tray supports / Connection of mechanical services (pipe work) / Connection of Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning systems/ Suspension of fire protection systems.

Facades and Curtain Walling / Case Studies

BEAMCLAMP and BOXBOLT are used in the facade and curtain walling sectors extensively. BOXBOLT fixings provide a solution for the connection of curtain walling brackets to hollow structural sections. Our BEAMCLAMP products also offer a clamping solution for securing curtain walling or cladding supports to the existing structure without the need for drilling or welding.

Infrastructure / Case Studies

The flexible features of BeamClamp and BoxBolt lend themselves perfectly to the Infrastructure sector as the constant demand for refurbishment of infrastructure means that new equipment and replacement steel is required for the repair of bridges, upgrades within power stations, water treatment plants, and tunnels. Our products are deal for these type of projects to reduce the down time and in some hazardous environments reduce the risk of accidents.

Typical applications would include:

Connection of new services to bridges / Connection of guard railing / Securing of steel floors for walkways / Hanging of maintenance walkway platforms / Connection of rails for tunneling projects / Connection of lifting equipment for machinery

Material Handling / Case Studies

Within the materials handling industry our BeamClamp and BoxBolt products provide flexibility and features that make the connection of steel for lifting or moving materials much easier than having to drill or weld. The major benefit our products provide within this market are that they can be used for both temporary or permanent solutions. The connections can be easily re-aligned or moved to a new location without the need for expensive remedial work to be carried out.

Typical applications include:

Connection of runway beams for overhead cranes / Connection of track rails for ground running crane systems / Connection of free-standing frames for gantry cranes / Connection of single point lifting equipment / Connection of brackets for conveyor systems / Connection of guide rails for elevator shafts

These can be temporary solutions such as lifting points or more permanent solutions connecting conveyor supports that can then be relocated if required. Common applications would also be the installation of runway beams for cranes to existing steel and free-standing frames for gantry cranes.

Petrochemical / Case Studies

Due to the hazardous environments within the Petrochemical industry BeamClamp and BoxBolt are ideal solutions for the connection of steel. The BeamClamp system requires no on site drilling or welding and therefore no hot permit is required. This means that no expensive fire watches are required during and after the connection has been made. Simple hand tools and unskilled labor can make a BeamClamp connection, saving time and money on the installation. In some enviroments drilling or welding is totally forbidden so clamping is the only alternative to make a steel to steel connection, our clamps are fully tested and guarantee a specific load value for each size and diameter.

Typical applications would include:

Connection of heavy duty pipe supports / Securing monorail systems / Securing steel flooring sections for walkways and platforms / Connection of blast walls / Securing frames together for helideck expansions.

Solar and Wind Energy / Case Studies

BeamClamp and BoxBolt are becoming an important part of the solar and wind energy market as their advantages lend themselves perfectly to the applications. The ever growing solar market for both new energy fields and the need for retro fit solar panels means that the BeamClamp and BoxBolt systems speed up installation and provide flexibility for future modifications. Our FloorFix and Gratefix products are used in both the solar industry and wind energy for walkways and platforms for access and maintenance.

Typical applications include:

Connection of panels to columns on solar fields / Connection of solar panels to existing structures such as electronic advertising screens / Securing of steel flooring to walkways for access and maintenance / Connection of guard railing on walkways access and maintenance

Stadiums & Amphitheaters / Case Studies

Our products are used within steel structured stadiums and amphitheatres for a variety of applications for connecting to the existing structure or in some cases connecting the main frame structure together. Some of the applications for our products in this field are:

Securing Tannoy systems / Connecting rigging equipment for staging / Securing guard railing / Connection of grating for walkways / Connecting seating for permenant or temporary situations / Hanging pipework and ducting for the building services / Connection of floodlight systems / Securing large structures for signs and advertising / Connecting main steel tube together / Connection of brackets for glass facades.

Structural Engineering / Case Studies

Within the structural sector our products are used extensively for the connection of structural steel for both permanent or temporary situations. Our clamps are commonly used for secondary steel or temporary applications when no damage to the existing structure is permitted. They are also used when flexibility of installation is important, hazards from drilling or welding are apparent and access is difficult for power and heavy machinery. In this sector there are such a wide range of applications for our products that we pride ourselves on being able to design a connection for almost any steel to steel requirement.

Typical applications would include:

Connection of runway beams for crane systems / Connecting of cladding/facades / Securing steel flooring / Connecting ballustrading and guard railing / Strengthening of open steel joist frames / Securing access platforms and walkways.

Telecommunications / Case Studies

Within the telecommunications sector our products are used predominantly for strengthening the tower itself for the addition of new equipment. The BOXBOLT is commonly used for these applications as the majority of telecommunication towers are enclosed and there is no way of accessing the inside of the steel without removing sections of the structure. The BOXBOLT provides a way of securing to the structure without having to access the inside.

Other applications within this sector include:

The attachment of new equipment to telecommunication towers / The suspension of cable supports / The suspension of walkway systems/ Connection of guard railing and grating for maintainance walkways

Transportation / Case Studies

BeamClamp and BoxBolt products offer many solutions within the Rail, Road and Air Travel sectors. It is important within Train Stations, Bus Terminals and Airports that work is carried out with the least amount of shut down time and the safety of the passengers passing through these areas is critical. The BeamClamp and BoxBolt products allow steel connections to be made with minimum amount of disruption to normal operations and reduces the risk of injury to passengers that can be caused by hot work such as drilling or welding.

The wide range of applications include:

Connection of overhead catenary for trains and trams / Supports for travel information screens / Securing of shielding for construction work / Hanging of pipework and cables / Connection of tannoy systems / Securing of support brackets for glass facades / Connection of guard railing for queuing systems / Connection of edge protection in dangerous situations / Hanging of walkways / Securing of grating to walkways / Securing of brackets for baggage conveyor systems.