Markets / Transportation


BeamClamp and BoxBolt products offer many solutions within the Rail, Road and Air Travel sectors.  It is important within Train Stations, Bus Terminals and Airports that work is carried out with the least amount of shut down time and the safety of the passengers passing through these areas is critical.  The BeamClamp and BoxBolt products allow steel connections to be made with the minimum amount of disruption to normal operations and reduces the risk of injury to passengers that can be caused by hot work such as drilling or welding. 

The wide range of applications include:

  • Connection of overhead catenary for trains and tram
  • Supports for travel information screens
  • Securing of shielding for construction work
  • Hanging of pipework and cables
  • Connection of tannoy systems
  • Securing of support brackets for glass facades
  • Connection of guard railing for queuing systems
  • Connection of edge protection in dangerous situations
  • Hanging of walkways / Securing of grating to walkways
  • Securing of brackets for baggage conveyor systems