Floorfix HT used at Meat Processing Factory

Floorfix HT used at Meat Processing Factory

The  FloorfixHT from Kee Safety was selcted for use on the extension of Meat Processing facility in Ireland.  The extension was all new steel so it was clear from the start that a flexible solution would be required to allow for the steelwork erection tolerances.  That is why the FloorfixHT was selected as it allowed flexibility without the need to create any dust particles that potentially could have got into the existing plant.

The FloorfixHT (High Tolerance) was designed to provide more flexibility than the original Floorfix for new build applications where the steel sections can move from the exact designed position due to steelwork erection tolerances.  The flexibility provides a +/- 6mm difference from the original centre lines of the steel and will still provide a secure connection.

The FloorfixHT  provides a solution for securing down steel floor from the top side only without having to do any hot work on site or create any debris from drilling which is important especially in the food industry.  The product works on a cam system that once tightened provides a secure connection that will not work loose under vibration conditions created by walking/driving over the floor or for the vibrations created by machinery.  Testing at TUV has been carried out to confirm this.

The cam system also works in reverse to allow for easy maintenance, when the product is un-tightened it aligns itself in to its original position for easily lifting of the plates and accessing the underneath.

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