The FloorFix is designed for securing chequer/durbar plate to the supporting steelwork without the need for on site drilling or welding of the floor plate and supporting steel structure.  It allows the connection to be made from the top side only using a basic allen key wrench.  It can be easily lifted for maintainence purposes and re-set to its original position within minutes.  The FloorFix solution can be used anywhere without the need for specialist drilling/welding equipment or the need for expensive access equipment to get to the underside.   The FloorFix is also tested at TUV for vibration conditions and providing the countersunk screw is tightened to our recommended torque then the connection is guaranteed not to come loose.

  • Installation from one side only
  • Manufactured from Ductile Iron
  • Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Allows for easy maintenance
  • Tested at TUV for vibration conditions

Technical Specifications

Diagram -
Diagram -
Product Code Screw Diameter Floor Plate Thickness Steel Flange Thickness Tightening Torque
Min Max Min Max
FLOORFIXMO8 M08 3 12 3 15 20
FLOORFIXM10 M10 5 12 3 15 20
FLOORFIXM12 M12 6 12 3 15 30